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10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Good Morning :)

I'm going to preface this post by saying that to those who know me really well this may not be a typical thing you would expect me to share. But for me some of these things are things that I am not ashamed of at all and I embrace them. I have created a list in no particular order.


1) Vegan

So I know that this is really not something I share much about anymore. I changed the direction of the blog almost a year ago to become something more all encompassing. I however am still vegan and have been now for almost a full 2 years, I must say though for a couple months last year during a really bad time I was not eating vegan and was eating whatever and dealing with the consequences of it. Now for me vegan is something I follow for my health. I get really bad stomach aches and headaches when I eat dairy and meat now, so eating a vegan diet has almost eliminated these problems. There are sometimes I slip up and eat something I shouldn't but I don't beat myself up about it.


2) I live with 4 dogs & a cat

I currently live with my parents and they have 3 Rottweilers (Stella-6, Harley-2 and Thor- 9 months). My sister also lives with my parents and she has a Pitbull (Dixie-9 months) and a orange longhair cat (Pumpkin- 2 [I think]). I think you can imagine how crazy our house gets when all four dogs are inside the house. Pumpkin is not a problem much because he stays downstairs where my sisters room is.


3) My favorite Wild and Domesticated Animals

So my favorite Domesticated Animals are Llamas and Donkeys. I just love them and can't really explain why. My favorite wild animals are Lions and Elephants. Also can't really explain why these are my favorite they just are.


4) I identify as Bisexual & Demisexual

I'm not going to delve into everything again as I wrote a post last year about this exact topic.


5) I Make and Sell Felt Stories

I make and sell felt stories at small business craft fairs in my city. I love making these felt stories and I is something that really brings me joy.

I have a Facebook page as well as Instagram. Both use the username @creativecreationsbytheresa


6) Magnet & Postcard Collector

I have been collecting magnets and postcards for a few years now. I have almost 80 magnets at this point and I have over 200 postcards.


7) Favorite Book

My favorite book changes from month to month if I'm honest. Today though my favorite book would have to be The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley.


8) My Favorite Place

For me my favorite place is somewhere I have never been. I simply love Europe and even though I have never been there I simply say that is my favorite place.


9) School Plans

For now my school plans are on hold for a few years. However I am still going to be going back to school. Right now I am leaning towards a school on the other side of the country as my top choice. For sure I will keep you guys posted.


10) WhatsApp

I love WhatsApp. I have a bunch of friends from all over the globe and this is a super easy way for us to keep in contact with each other.


So I hope this gives you a little more insight about me. I am wanting to film a Get to know me video and I am wanting to know what else you want to know. Have an awesome day :)


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