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Why I am Terrified to Travel!!!!

Now you may be wondering why I would be scared to travel. While I am also very excited to travel I do have some fears as well. Although I know I will not be alone while traveling because my sister will be travelling with me. However, my fears stem from my own insecurities as well as my own health.


Now to sort of explain my fears, I have only been on a plane once in my life and that flight was not very long as it was just from Vancouver, BC – Los Angeles, CA. I have a slight fear of being on a plane but I know that it is a part of travel so I have become accustom to the idea of flying and I think I will be okay.


But my next fear is the fear of failure, I have had this fear for as long as I have wanted to travel because I think that if I travel and then I will suddenly decide that its not for me and go home; and I really don’t want to do that. I feel like if that happens I will not only be letting myself down but my family as well.


My fears also stem from the fact that I have mental health issues, so I am afraid if I travel they could get worse, but I also think it may help me get out of my comfort zone and make me a little more adventurous. I have always been a bit of a homebody, so I never really venture too far from my home and I haven’t even really explored my own hometown; because of this I spend most of my time either researching for my own trip to Europe or binge-watching Rick Steves Europe.


Now while the above fears are more-so psychological compared to more physical fears this fear is more self esteem related than anything else. Because of my severely low self esteem I feel that even if I was to travel and be having a blast someone could say something to me and they could completely ruin my trip and it would take a while for me to get “over” the comment. While I know that comments like this shouldn’t affect me they do.


My fears while extensive they are all things that I hope to conquer. I am never going to give up on my desire to travel and I plan on going on my trip no matter what.


This post is going to be a short one today only because today is my birthday and this post is more of a personal one.

See you next time :)

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