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Inspiring Travel Videos



All three of these links are to playlists that I really enjoy.

Talks for the thoughtful traveler

Talks for when you’re in the mood for adventure

A day trip to Antarctica

All of these photos are on the page for the playlists, I found them on the Ted Talks website.



Now I don't just watch separate videos on YouTube, but these are my favorite channels to watch right now and you can follow my channel as well and see what videos I am watching right now. I have included the links to the channels. The photos are the actual profile photo of the channel so you know you are on the right one should you just search it.

Travel Fashion Girl

Tess Christine

Shelby Stillwell- she hasn't posted in a while but I still like her videos

Semester at Sea

I know Semester at Sea isn't really a typical travel channel but I find there videos very interesting and informative.


So there you go, my favorite videos and videos that I find interesting and inspiring.

See you next time :)

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