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Me-Time Must Haves


These are my me time must haves. Now be sure to remember that these are what I need to have me time and they may not work for you.

  1. A drink- depending on the time of day I will drink either a glass of wine at night or during the day it is always water.

  1. A comfy spot-whether that is my bed or curled up on the couch.

  1. A good book- this is a must have must have, I cant have me time without a good book.

  1. Sheet mask- because my skin is sensitive as well as being very temperamental I love to do a good moisturizing sheet mask at least once a week.

  1. Essential Oil diffuser - I can’t live without my diffuser and love to use it all the time not just during “me-time” if you don’t have a diffuser candles are always a good substitute.

  1. Clothing- During the summer I want to make sure that I am in clothes that are going to keep me cool and during the winter I either want to be wearing my long pants and comfy slippers or have a soft warm blanket wrapped around me.

  1. I also have soft music playing or play your favorite music, try not to have something to loud and deafening though.

  1. The last item on my me-time list is usually to ignore my phone if I can, I will either turn it off or put it on silent and try for at least an hour not to look at it or use it.

I don’t necessarily use all these items at the same time but I use a majority of them whenever I have me time. Make a list of your own see what you need to have to be able to have me time .

see you next time :)

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