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Canadian Prairies

All of these items are taken from this book: The Great Canadian Prairies Bucket List by Robin Esrock. I love this book and the series covers so many things about Canada. Now this will be both a review of the book as well as making a list of the things that you should see in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba. If you click on the photo you will be take to the Amazon page for this book.


Now before I begin I purchased this book myself and personally decided to review it.



I have never been to Saskatchewan or Manitoba so I really liked this book as it gave me some ideas of where to go should I actually get there. I was able to see what is available for me to do there and it was really a great book. Now it doesn't include prices but with prices changing all the time that's totally fine.


Things to see/do in Saskatchewan

1) Heritage Museum: There are lots of museums in Saskatchewan so choose wisely.

2) Castle Butte in Big Muddy

a) Sam Kelly Outlaw Caves

4) Support Rider Nation

5) Float in Canada's Dead Sea: Little Manitou Lake

6) Visit a Haunted Grove: Crooked Bush

7) Visit a Dark Sky Preserve

a) Grasslands National Park

b) Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park; this one is shared with Alberta.

8) Fort Walsh National Historic Site

10) North America's Largest Sand Dune; The Athabasca Sand Dunes

11) Prince Albert National Park; Sturgeon River Ranch

12) Castle like Hotels

a) The Hotel Saskatchewan; opened in 1927

b) The Bessborough; opened in 1935

Both of these hotels are CPR Hotels; basically they were started when the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) came through.

13) Prince Albert National Park; Track Wolves in the snow

14) Wanuskewin Heritage Park


Things to see/do in Manitoba

1) See Polar Bears from a Tundra Buggy

2) Snorkel with Belugas

3) Crack the Hermetic Code; Manitoba Legislature

5) Royal Winnipeg Ballet

6) Catfish on Red River

7) Grand Beach on Lake Winnipeg

8) Thermëa; Spa Complex

10) Bloodvein River Raft Trip

11) Assiniboine Park

13) Fort Gibraltar

15) Riding Mountain National Park

16) Icelandic Festival- Islendingadagurinn


So that covers the Prairie provinces. On Friday we will be covering Central Canada.

See you next time :)

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