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Central Canada

All of these items are taken from this book: The Great Central Canada Bucket List by Robin Esrock. I love this book and the series covers so many things about Canada. Now this will be both a review of the book as well as making a list of the things that you should see in both Ontario and Quebec. If you click on the photo you will be take to the Amazon page for this book.


Now before I begin let me say that I purchased this book myself and decided to do the review on my own.



This book has some amazing pictures as well as suggestions for things to do. I love this book. I have not been able to travel in Eastern Canada yet but with this book I feel as if I have gotten closer. Again does not include prices but with prices changing like crazy that is preferred. :)


Things to see/do in Ontario

1) Spend a night in Jail

A) Hostel International Jail Youth Hostel

2) Remembrance Day at the Parliament Buildings

3) Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame

4) Visit the Diefenbunker

5) Algonquin Park

6) Ice Wine & Dine in Niagara

7) Hike the Bruce Trail

8) Petroglyphs Provincial Park

9) Skate on the Rideau Canal

10) Lean off the CN Tower

A) The Edgewalk

11) Motorbike around Lake Superior

12) Explore the Great Museums; there are 6 of them

13) Support the Blue Jays

14) Manitoulin Island

A) Great Spirit Circle Trail

15) Stratford Shakespeare Festival

16) Niagara Falls

17) Watch The Leafs vs. The Habs


Things to see/do in Quebec

1) Bike Le P’Tit Train du Nord

2) Quebec City; the city itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

3) Cave Bashing in Iles de la Madeleine

4) Find Montreal’s Best Smoked Meat

5) Carnaval de Quebec; Take a picture with the festival Mascot: Bonhomme Carnaval

6) Tam-Tam

7) Scale a frozen waterfall

8) Montreal Festivals

9) Surf a Standing Wave

10) Spend a night in an ice Hotel

11) Canopy Cycle Through the Trees

12) Eat Poutine at La Banquise; they have 28 varieties

13) Tap a tree for maple syrup

14) Explore the Mingan Archipelago


So that concludes Central Canada. See you next time :)

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