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Northern Canada

All of these items are taken from this book: The Great Northern Canada Bucket List by Robin Esrock. I love this book and the series covers so many things about Canada. Now this will be both a review of the book as well as making a list of the things that you should see in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut . If you click on the photo you will be take to the Amazon page for this book.


Now before I begin I purchased this book myself and decided to review it myself.



Having done my own exploration of the Yukon and my parents having done the Dempster Highway all the way to the Inuvik, in the Northwest Territories. I found that this book is amazing in that regard and does a really good job on selling a road trip to the North. I have not done any travelling into Nunavut but it is definitely on my list. Again does not include prices but with prices changing like crazy that is preferred.


Things to see/do in Yukon

2) Camp in the High Arctic

4) Drive the Dempster Highway

5) Takhini Hot Pools; they have hair freezing contest

6) Climb the Golden Stairs ; The Chilkoot Trail

7) Skate on a Crystal Lake

8) Arctic Games

9) Pan for Gold

10) Fly over Kluane National Park

11) Braeburn Cinnamon Buns & Hamburgers

A) They are as large as dinner plates

I have personally had a cinnamon bun from here and they are amazing :)


Things to see/do in Northwest Territories

1) See the Northern Lights

2) Fly Buffalo Air

3) Explore Canada’s Largest National Park; Wood Buffalo National Park

4) Eat at Bullock’s Bistro

5) Alestines; restaurant in a old yellow school bus

A) Reindeer Chili and fish tacos

My Parents went here and they said that the food was amazing but the owners were even better.

6) Igloo Chuch in Inuvik; Our Lady of Victory

7) Raft the Nahanni

8) Pingo

10) Attend a Northern Festival


Things to see/do in Nunavut

1) Northwest Passage

3) See Narwals; Pond Inlet

5) Cunningham River; Beluga Sightings

6) Sleep under the Midnight Sun

7) Swim in an Arctic Waterfall

8) Polar Bear Point

9) ATV to Icebergs and Ancient Ruins

10) Hike in the Tundra

11) Paddle a crystal clear arctic stream

12) Migration of Caribou

A) Arctic Haven

13) Auyuittuq-Thor Peak


Northern Festivals

1) Toonik Tyme, Iqualuit

2) Caribou Carnival, Yellowknife

3) Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous, Whitehorse

4) Dawson City Music Festival, Dawson City

5) Folk on the Rocks Festival, Yellowknife

6) Nunavut Arts Festival, Rankin Inlet


We have know come to the end of our series of post strictly about Canada. I hope you enjoyed them. If you have any suggestions please send me a message.

See you next time:)

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