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Social Media: Vegan

This post will be all about the different Vegan Social Media Personalities that I follow on both Instagram & YouTube.

Now I won't go to in depth on LivB but I will link a page here to take you to more information about her.

For me I have not been able to find any other YouTube personalities that I personally love so if you have suggestions please let me know :)


For Instagram my list is really not that extensive as I am constantly looking for new people to follow and as of now I haven't found a lot of accounts that I like personally.

Now remember that these are just a portion of the more vegan or conservation based Instagram accounts that I follow there are many other sanctuary's and other animal accounts that I follow simply because I love them.

Do you follow any accounts that you think I would like. If so please feel free to send me a message so that I can have a look.

See you next time :)

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