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Finding the Right Travel Book

When choosing a guidebook make sure that you look at various authors and brands (like Lonely Planet, Rick Steves, Rough Guides etc.) Make sure that you choose the guidebook that is right for you. Don't choose one simply because someone says they like it because you may find that it doesn't work for you.

Websites have been linked to each section just click on the titles, the only one that won't work is Let's Go as the website won't open for me.


- Very complete guide

- 'Top Reasons to Go' section - Not for the Budget Traveler

- Maps frequently have errors


- More in-depth history than Lonely Planet

- Larger scale maps & well organized

- Concise facts & info about places & points of interest


- Go to guide for the traveler going to Europe

- Offers unusual points of interest & off the beaten track sites to tour

- Great historical content of places

-Only has guides to Europe


- For the budget traveler

- 100 destinations covered

- Very good for Latin America


- Guides for almost everywhere

- Good for travelling to the developing world; 500 countries


- Popular alternative to Lonely Planet- 200 destinations

- Geared toward the budget backpacker

- Places budget above comforts & style - Information is not always accurately updated from edition to edition


Let's Go

- Bare Bones budget guide (good for expensive countries)

- Loved by the backpacking crowd

- Geared toward the student traveler - Recommends cheap accommodation & dining

- Published less often

I tried to link the website but it is not available for me to link but the website is for your reference.


- Great for North American Travel

- Really Good Maps


For me as you can see in the top photo, I have a majority of Rick Steves books as well as a few Lonely Planet books and Rough Guides, also all my books pertain to Europe as that is where I will be going. At the end of August I went to a presentation at my local public library and was able to get more ideas for guidebooks and I want to have a look at the other ones that I listed as well.

Do you have a favorite guidebook? I would love to know what guidebooks that you all have tried.

See you next time :)

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