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House Tour

So because I missed Friday I figured this post will be a good way to break up all the vegan and travel posts that I have been doing. This post will be a inside look at my house.


Now I currently live with my sister in a trailer that we rent, {yes we live in a trailer park, bring on the jokes :) } I have lived here since the beginning of April and my sister has been here since last September. When her roommate moved out, I got to move in. The trailer has 2 bedrooms which I will not be sharing pictures of, I will also not be sharing pictures of our bathroom for obvious reasons and then we have our living room kitchen/dining room, laundry, and then we have an extra room which we use as both storage and as my crafting area. Outside we have a little sundeck on which we have our table & chairs and our barbeque, we also have a shed outside for our lawnmower and other things that we need for outside.


So this is right by the front door, the door opens right between our living room and our kitchen. My bedroom is off of the living room.

Please excuse the towels on our couch its peeling and this helps keep it off the floor.


Next we have our kitchen and dining room. While we don't have a lot of cabinets now we will be getting some on the near future, to increase storage. Plenty big enough for the two of us.

We used to have the table pushed up under the window but Pumpkin (our cat) would sit there all day to look out the window and the table would be covered in hair daily.


Our little laundry area, while its small it works very well for us.


Now while this area is our storage area it is not very well organized and that is my goal for this winter, to get it organized. We also have all of Pumpkin's stuff back here {i.e. litter box, food, water, and cat tower, crate etc.}

This is my little crafting area, again this needs to be a little better organized but I haven't had time to do that yet and am hoping to work on it this week. In the corner that is our water heater that's why it's covered like that, it gives us extra storage though :)

The bathroom is just on the other side of the wall that my desk is on.


Now we will head outside. Excuse the longer grass and weeds, we have been working on killing them all summer and are now getting ready for winter.

The flower beds by the house were full of flowers all summer and now that we have started to freeze at night the flowers are dying.

Our lovely little sundeck. That's our shed in the background.


I guess that's it. I'll leave you with a picture of who really owns this house.

See you next time :)

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