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Why I love Pinterest!!

This may sound cliche but I LOVE PINTEREST!!! Okay that was a little much but it's true I really do love pinterest.

I could spend hours on pinterest daily and sometimes at night I do. Whether its for recipes, costume ideas or household diy's, I will look at everything and anything on Pinterest.

While I don't have a specific account for my blog I include links to my personal page which is where I save everything.


Now back to the reason I am writing this post. Why I love pinterest; well to put it simply I love pinterest because it has an expansive catalog of items to look through. I hardly ever see the same "pin" twice, and if I do it's not really a huge deal. Even though I do love google I find that pinterest is better. You can look up recipes and diy's and you can save them right to your account, while yes you can bookmark pages on google I find that when I do that I bookmark so many things that I don't really know what they were for. With pinterest its at least a photo of what you were looking at and you can save them based on what the content is.


I personally have 16 boards as well as a few secret ones {which I am not going to dive into :P} For my public boards the content ranges from Daycare Themes/Business Stuff to History to Travel to Recipes. My largest board is my Daycare Themes board has 546 pins { I am an Early Childhood Education Assistant if I never mentioned that} The Daycare specific board comes in at 342 pins. My travel board while smaller comes in at 257 pins. However I am always adding to these and deleting pins that no longer make sense.


That's why I love pinterest. It's a simple answer so this is a simple post.

Do you have pinterest if so what content do you try and find?

See you next time:)

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