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Writing a book: The ups & downs

So about 6 years ago I started writing a book, it started as a short story that I had to write for my English class in grade 11 but I slowly found that I truly loved writing and I wanted to finish my story. My English teacher helped me during my Grade 11 year and then again during my Grade 12 year. I sent the book once it was finished to one Canadian publisher but I never got a response. That kind of discouraged me and I haven't sent it out since then. I have continued to write it and it is now longer and more in depth.


The book is called The Royal Heir, it is basically about a girl who lives in Toronto, Ontario and finds out that she is royalty from Luxembourg. While the country is real most of the facts of the book are indeed fiction and therefore not real. I did though try and get as many of the facts about the country of Luxembourg as I could. I am still in the process of writing and I plan on submitting the book after I complete a bit more of it.


Up's of writing a book

- I simply love writing

- Gives an escape to a world of your creation

- Make your own story

- Passion


Down's of writing a book

- Rejection

- Brick-Walls: Lulls in your activity because you can't find your passion

- Misunderstandings


These are not all the up's and down's; these are just things that I have personally noticed in my own writing.

See you next time :)

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