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Public Libraries: Your best Local Resource

I love my local library and I could spend hours upon hours there and I routinely have. My most recent trip led me to get out three books:

Andy Steves' Europe: City Hopping On A Budget

Rick Steves: Travel as a Political Act

Let's Go Europe 2017


Now while I have seen these books before I have never actually gotten them out and read them. The Let's Go book while good is not really what I was looking for but still very informative. I really like Andy Steves' book and yes he is Rick Steves son, again very informative and good for people on a budget. Rick Steves book I haven't read yet but I assume that it will be very informative just like the rest of his books.


Use your local library it is your best free source of information, and they will generally have the newest editions available shortly after publication. Talk to the librarians as well because they will have inside knowledge of what is in the library and will be a huge help in finding what you are looking for. If your lucky like me you might have a librarian who has traveled themselves and they will be able to share some insights into what you should look for and they may even be able to help you with what websites to look at etc.


In short I love the library and I will always advocate for them to be around. I have been reading since I was young and got my first library card at 7 years old. Ever since then I have always loved the library and even though I'm now older and don't go as often I still treasure the time that I do get to spend in the library.

See You Next Time :)

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