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Thanksgiving 2018

On October 6th at 6 am I left my house in Prince George and headed on a "road trip" down to Aldergrove BC. I was headed there for Thanksgiving with my family. Even though this was my second Thanksgiving as vegan it was still hard because obviously my family is not vegan and I had to bring my own food.

Being vegan while my family is not is somewhat hard, but I was expecting to have a limited amount of food that I would actually be able to eat. For dinner I brought my own Gardein "Turkey Cutlets" as my protein and I was able to have cauliflower & pickles but that was it. Everything else either they made with butter, milk or marshmallows. I was expecting not to be able to have dessert either but I was surprised that I was able to have some Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie as well. I did not take a photo of my meal because obviously it was kind of sad looking but also because I just forgot.

Now I while I won't be including pictures of the actual road trip I will be doing a post in the couple weeks with the pictures and places that we were able to stop on the way back.

Hope all my Canadian friends were able to have an awesome Thanksgiving and I will see you all next time :)

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