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Why I love Monq!!


Now I am going to start this post by saying that I do not smoke and have never smoked but I was recommended to maybe try essential oils by my doctor to help me with my anxiety. In my research I found this company; Monq.


What is Monq?

"MONQ started with an idea: Wouldn’t it be nice to do something positive for the world, merging new technology and ancient knowledge? What if it were possible to merge science and style to allow everyone to discover the benefits of ancient aromatherapy?

Surgery – it couldn’t be further away from the ephemeral field of aromas. And yet that is exactly what I, Eric Fishman, MD, the founder of MONQ, did for decades. Then, suddenly, it dawned on me that there are ways of improving people’s experiences of the world without steel, but rather with natural compounds. The same molecules that have grown on this earth since ancient times, and were used by generations of our ancestors who didn’t have any of today’s medical technology.

Having always been philosophically inclined, I named my company MONQ, which can stand for “Modifying One’s Natural Qualia”, or “Modified Observation of Natural Qualia” in both cases with the emphasis on the Q.

As you explore our website you will discover what the word Qualia means. Take some time to read our other blog posts and learn about the various MONQ blends and how your personality affects your blend preference. Maybe you’ll even begin to contemplate the meaning of your existence on this planet. We hope that you will soon realize the importance of Qualia in your life. Finally, we hope you will embark on your personal MONQ journey to “Improve Your Qualia of Life™”."

: Taken from the Monq website


So why do I love it?

I personally love these personal aromatherapy diffusers because they have really worked for me. I first realized how much they worked for me when I was having a panic attack and took 2 inhales of the ZEN diffuser and I was able to calm myself down. Now I'm not saying that they are the be all and end all to help you come down from panic attacks I am just saying that they really work for me.

I took them with me on my last road trip to Victoria where I drove and once we got to the Vancouver free-way, my sister pulled it out for me and I was glad that she did because coming from a smaller town and never having to deal with heavy traffic; the amount of traffic that I experienced in that 30 min period was crazy and again the ZEN diffuser was a lifesaver.

Now it's not just the ZEN diffuser that I like I actually have seven of them and the SLEEPY one helps me get to sleep if I am having a really hard time falling asleep. I love to use the VIBRANT & HAPPY one during the day to keep my mood happy, again that's what works for me. The other ones I have not really used too much but I am hoping to get to use them in the near future.


I was in no way paid or given product for writing this. I have been using the product now for about a year and love being able to share the benefits that I have seen personally.


See you next time :)

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