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Spa Day on a Budget

So for today's post I going to show you how easy it is to have a spa day, at home and on a budget :)


Make sure that you start with a clean bathroom because you won't be able to relax otherwise. (At least I can't)

Wear your most comfy clothes (or a robe and slippers) depends on if you have them, remember that this is a spa day on a budget, don't go out and buy them simply because.


Gather you essentials

1. Candles

Have some of your favorite candles burning in the bathroom but remember not to go overboard, you want to relax not be overwhelmed by scents. Try to stick to 2 maybe 3 candles depending on the size of your bathroom.

2. Relaxing Music

What I do is search Spa Music on Spotify and they generally have a very relaxing playlist that available.

3. Scrubs/ Masks/ Bath Bombs etc.

This section is up to your discretion because its up to you what you what to use. I personally enjoy having a bath bomb but would rather have Epsom salts in a relaxing bath. Masks are a great way to make your self sit back and relax because they can be either a sheet mask or a clay mask, and they force you to be still and let the mask do its job. I make my own sugar scrub and I will be putting the recipe in later on in this post. You could make whatever scrub that you wanted Pinterest is a great resource for finding at home spa DIY items.


Relaxing Time

So the first thing that you need to do is run your bath, make it your desired temperature and add your bath bomb, salts, bubble bath etc; whatever you decided to use.Light your candles, start you calming music, put on your mask if you decided to do one and get into the tub, relax for as long as you want. During this time you could have a book/magazine etc, depending on what you prefer. (NO PHONE- you are relaxing, unplug for an hour; you will feel better)

Towards the end of your bath, you can use a sugar/salt scrub if you chose to use one. You can also use a pumice rock if you have one on hand and do your feet or any other dry spots.

When you get out of the tub, have your favorite lotion on hand and put some on, this will help you continue to relax. Make sure to put lotion on your feet and put on socks this will help your feet absorb the lotion and retain it.

Remember to check Pinterest, they are an amazing resource for an at home Spa Day.


Sugar/Salt Scrub Recipe

This is just the recipe that I use.

1 1/2 cups of sugar or salt

1/2 cup melted coconut oil

Essential Oil

Add melted coconut oil to the salt or sugar and mix. Add coconut oil as needed, should be wet but not soupy. I use lavender essential oil but you can use any scent that you prefer.

If you want a more coarse scrub you can do sugar and coffee grounds to really exfoliate your skin.


Hope you enjoyed today's post :) I also hope that you use some of these tips and have a spa day of your own.

Have an amazing day

See you next time :)

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