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2019 Resolutions


Making and Keeping Resolutions

Every year I make a new list for resolutions but they never seemed to stick. I have always had the best intentions but always flake out half way through January. How is this year any different then? Well I have already made some changes in my life and taken some big steps to help me throughout the next year.

There are 7 key steps to take when picking your new years resolution:

1. Just pick one thing, picking more then that would just overwhelm you and may make you lose focus.

2. Plan ahead. Take time to plan out how your going to execute your resolution.

3. Anticipate problems. Problems are a way of life, don't get discouraged.

4. Pick a start date. Make it within the month of January.

5. Go for it. Take the plunge.

6. Accept failure. You are aloud to fail. Just make sure that you get back up and try again.

7. Plan rewards. Make a rewards system. Do ____ for a month and you will buy yourself ____.


My Resolutions

Personally I have three resolutions for the year. I know that contradicts what is stated above but I will explain why I did that.

1. Lose weight

2. Get out more

3. Read more books


1.Lose Weight

This resolution is always on my list and it is always forgotten by the middle of January. However this year I took the initiative and got myself a gym membership and am going to be going before work during the week. I have already decided on a reward system for myself. I have been wanting a new camera but I will wait until I lose a certain amount before rewarding myself with the purchase of it.


2. Get out more

My second resolution is to get out more. I want to be able to go and do things like hike or kayak or do things in my town that I have never done before. With me being self conscious about my weight I never wanted to do anything or if I did I couldn't do it for very long without getting out of breath. I also want to push myself out of my comfort zone.


3. Read more books

While I do lots of reading it tends to be more on my phone on Kindle. I have a book shelf full of books and there are some that I have never read. I want to be able to read the books I have been saying that I will read for the past year and actually do it this year. There will be a post of the books that I plan on reading this year in the coming week.


So what are your resolutions? Do they stay the same every year? Do you make a written list or just say them?

Hope this post helps you in making and keeping your resolutions. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @twanderingvegan for updates about my resolutions.

Have an amazing day. See you next time :)

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