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Places I would live but have never visited

Have you ever wanted to live somewhere you have never been too? I have. Have you ever dreamt about what that place would look like? I have.

There are many different cities in Europe that I would love to live in; Or even in Australia or New Zealand. I have never thought about any other places but if I was to travel to them and like them they may be added to the list.


Cork, Ireland

Cork, Ireland is on the list because it is where my 6th great grandfather comes from and since realizing that I have become really interested in the city. It looks like it would be an amazing place to live. Also I would be able to travel Europe and see the other sites. I have always been drawn to the old style farmhouses of Europe and Cork seems like the perfect place to have one of those, especially in the countryside.


Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux has been on my list of places I would move to ever since I met my friend 8 years ago on a pen-pal website. She lives in Bordeaux and it would be awesome to even live there for a year just to see the way that she lives. I love the old time charm of the towns in Europe and Bordeaux is no exception.


Siena, Italy

Again the reason Siena is on my list is simply the old town charm of it. I love the pictures that I have seen and think that this would be a really cool place to live.


Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

This town oozes with old time charm and that is why it is on my list. I love the look of the place and I think that it would be a very calm and relaxing place to live.


Canberra, Australia

While this is the capital city of Australia, it is still smaller then say Sydney or Melbourne. It is also large enough that there would still be things to do etc.


Matamata, New Zealand

The reason that this town is on my list is for the simple fact that I have seen it on movies. I love the look of the hobbit movies and have done my research and this is the town where they were filmed. I think this would be a really cool place to live and it would be interesting to learn more about the history of the islands.


Do you have any suggestions for place I should look up?

There are many other places but these are the top ones.

Hope you enjoyed today's post.

See you next time :)

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