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Easy Vegan Sour Cream

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog. Today's post is going to be a super simple easy vegan sour cream.

There are only 2 ingredients you need:

1 can of Coconut cream or coconut milk

1 lemon

If you use coconut milk make sure to put it in the fridge overnight and don't shake it. After opening the can scoop the solidified cream off the top and get rid of the water. You can use a little if your sour cream is too thick.

I used coconut milk in this recipe and I used 1/2 of a lemon.


Step 1.

Your first step is to skim the cream of the top of your coconut milk if you are using it. If not open your coconut cream and dump it into a bowl. For this step you can use a blender or mix it by hand its up to you.

Cut your lemon in half and squeeze the juice into your bowl. I only needed half of the lemon but taste and see what you need.


Step 2.

It will take a little mixing if you are doing it by hand but mix until well blended and there are no chunks left. You want it to be as creamy as possible and don't want it to be chunky.


Step 3.

Your third and final step is to put your finished product into a container and into the fridge.


Hope you enjoyed today's post.

See you next time :)

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