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Becoming Eco Conscious

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Making the decision to become more Eco Conscious

When you finally decide to make the decision to be a more eco conscious person there are many things that you need to consider. Think about what you think that you can do easily and they won`t be to hard for you to do. Start off small by recycling what you can and having a compost bucket. These changes are really easy to implement and they will all help the environment even if its only a little way. There are 3 main reasons that I personally am more eco conscious then I have been in the past.

1. For the Environment- With Global warming slowly killing the earth being more eco conscious is my way of helping even just a little bit.

2. For the Animals- By limiting the amount of garbage that I am contributing I am able to do my part to make sure that my trash does not end up in some animals stomach ultimately killing it.

3. For Myself- Doing my part for the environment make me feel good. I am able to contribute what I can and limit my waste.


What You Can Do

Start Simple: Buy yourself a compost bucket and but your scraps in it instead of in the trash. These scraps can then be put into your garden as fertilizer. Compost Bucket

Store your food in reusable jars or containers. This not only eliminates your plastic use but it also eliminates the risk of BPA and any germs growing on your plastics. The smallest cut on a plastic container can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Glass jars and containers are the best choice. I found mine for storing sugar and flour etc. at the dollar store.

Have your own reusable bags- reusable grocery bags are easily bought at the grocery store but you can also buy produce bags instead of having the plastic ones at the store. Reusable Produce Bags

Carry your own water bottle- Having your own water bottle not only ensures that you are drinking the recommended amount of water during the day but you can carry it with you anywhere. I personally like stainless steel water bottles because they keep your water cold. Water Bottle

Carry your own straws and cutlery so that if you do eat out you have your own things and don't use plastic. Stainless Steel Straws To-Go Cutlery

By eating more whole foods and not buying processed foods you are also helping to combat the waste that goes into making those processed foods.


I hope this post was able to help you understand how to become more eco conscious in your daily life.

Hope you enjoyed today's post.

See you next time :)

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