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Making an Open When Parcel

For today's post I will be going over my thoughts and plans for my "open when" parcel to France for my good friend that I have had for the last 8 years. We have never met in person but we have been penfriends for 8 years.


How I met my friend

About 8 years ago I signed up for a website called Students of the World.

One of the first people I messaged was G {only first letter of name} From that first message I knew that we would be great friends. We are really close in age, we have a lot of the same interests and we really just get along.


What is an "Open When" Parcel

Open When Letters are letters you can give to your special someone. Each letter comes with an instruction to open and read in different situations (Open When You Miss Me, Open When You Need Cheering Up, etc. ). It can come in different designs and styles. Mine is obviously tailored to G and mine is not just letters it is actually a parcel.


What goes into a "Open When" Parcel

There is no definitive answer to that. Your parcel/letters are going to be specifically tailored to the person that you are making the package for. I will not be saying what is in my parcel because that is between me and G as she has not gotten her parcel yet.

Some ideas are:

Open when you're sad

Open when your really happy

Open when your bored

Open when your sleepy

And this list goes on and on, simply google Open When letter ideas and there are lots of lists of ideas. Remember to tailor it to the person you are making it for though.


Hope you enjoyed today's post

See you next time :)

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