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To DIY or Not to DIY


Today's post is going to be all about the various DIY projects that I have planned for myself. Obviously these are planned and I haven't started them at all.


Why DIY?

Thrift shops and re-purposed items are the new "thing." You can simply buy things that have been made new, but typically when you go this route, the price is quite high. So, why not just do it yourself? You might think to yourself, "Oh, I'm not the crafty type" or "I'll screw it up." I guarantee you can do it if you put the hard work into it! The world of DIY is so broad that you can practically make anything you can put your mind to. The possibilities are endless! I myself am the crafty type. I've always had a creative spunk to my personality and love doing creative projects as a way to decompress. From my own personal experience, even I am not a perfectionist. I screw up a lot, even when it comes to crafting which I enjoy doing on whenever I have the chance. I do catch myself messing up here and there, but I learn from it. Sometimes when I make a mistake, it ends up being better than what I had originally had envisioned. Also from my own experience, it is so much cheaper doing things yourself. Why hire a painter if you have the capability to do it yourself? Why have someone else paint you a picture if you have the brushes? Something I have learned is to buy things when there are sales. I love a good ole sale. You obviously will save a few dollars and you might even find more things you need for your project while things in stores are marked down. DIY opens a gateway to new opportunities and expands the mind. You will realize that you are more capable than what you make yourself out to be. You can learn from yourself and others, which then opens the gateway to new relationships. DIY is pure freedom of expression. The passion you have from this can go as far as you want it to.


But I Don't Know What To Make?

Don't over think it. DIY is all about letting go and just doing something. Think about what you could use in your home. Do you need wall art? Make something on a canvas. Do you need a rug? Try loom weaving. Do you need a gift for someone? Necklaces and key-chains are easy to make. Start small and work your way up to the larger projects. Once you get more comfortable with your own creativity, there is nothing that can stop it.


My Planned DIYS

I have three projects that I want to get done this year. I don't know if it will actually happen but that is my plan.

1. I have a plan for crayon melt art on canvas. Its hard to explain what mine will look like obviously because they all look different but here is a video kind of explaining what I mean.

2. Laptop desk/bed desk. I really want a desk that is really easily stored as well as really easy to move. I still have to try and find a pattern that works for me.

3. Camera Bag. I am getting a new camera this year and I want to make my own camera bag. Again I still have to find a pattern but I think it will be a fun project to do.


Hope you enjoyed today's post. Do you have a DIY that you want to do but haven't started? I hope this helps you tap into your creativity and tackle something fun.

See you next time :)

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