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Organizing 101

Today`s post is going to be all about organizing and how you can do it yourself. Organizing has become somewhat of a hobby for me and I really enjoy doing it.


Step 1: Choose the Space

The first thing you need to do when you want to start organizing is choose your space. What space do you want to tackle? Don't try and tackle an entire room start section by section and that way you won't get overwhelmed.


Step 2: Getting Supplies

Dollar stores are the best resource in my opinion when you want to organize. You can find baskets, containers, hooks, boxes etc. there and that way it is not breaking the bank. I purchased baskets from here and I love them, they came in multiple sizes and are perfect for larger things as well as small things.


Step 3: Starting the process

During the organizing process you will be taking things out and looking at them obviously so take the time to make sure you go through everything and get rid of what you don't need. Donate things that are in good condition, recycle papers, and get rid of trash. This helps you in the organizing process as it gets rid of all the extras that you don't need.


Step 4: Setting up the Space

At this point you have gone through every thing and are ready to put everything back in. If it takes you a couple days to get to this step don't worry, that means that step 3 was overdue and you took your time doing it. Make sure that the shelves are clean before you start putting things back as you want a clean slate to start. This step can also take you a few days to get perfect. You might put something in one space and then an hour later move it to a different space and that's fine.


I hope this post helps you get on the organizing train like I am ;) If you do use any of my tips, send me pictures so I can see your newly organized spaces.

See you next time :)

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