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Morning Routines: Why should you have one?

Why should I have a morning routine?

Morning routines are extremely important because they can help you stay disciplined, motivated and productive. The morning is the your time to start anew and to start fresh. When the morning goes right, it gives the rest of your day momentum and energy. The morning is your time. It is the only time of the day where you are uninterrupted by the burdens of the outside world. If you can wake up before everyone else wakes up, you have that quiet solitude to do whatever you please. This gives you a chance to catch up on things you really want to do, to reflect, to get ahead, to do whatever you please.When you are starting your day with a morning routine, you are in fact investing in yourself first. This investment pays dividends throughout your day and throughout your life.

Although spontaneity can bring some joy in life, there should also be some normalcy for the sake of efficiency. Do you really want to wake up and have to decide on what to do next every day? I sure didn’t. This sense of normalcy means you wake up everyday knowing what you are going to do next without even a thought about it. Sometimes, it is good to go on autopilot.Being on autopilot eases your cognitive load. After all, energy is a finite resource. Every conscious decision you have to make takes a load on your brain and requires glucose. The more decisions you make, the more tired your brain gets. But if you are doing things on autopilot, that eases the burden on your brain and it uses less energy.

Although you shouldn’t live your life on autopilot, I definitely think your mornings are one of the few things in your life that should be on autopilot. When you start off the day right, you are automatically more productive. Starting off your day on the right foot gives you a head start to your day and allows you to get ahead. If you wake up and are rushed, you are playing catch up and just letting the day dictate what you are going to do. But if you wake up with a routine, you are getting ahead of your day and preparing for the day. You are acting, instead of reacting. You are being proactive instead of reactive. When you take care of yourself first, it gives you momentum and motivation to conquer the rest of our day. You are giving yourself small victories that compound later in the day.


So what should your routine consist of?

Generally your routine should not be longer than an hour, however if you want to have a longer routine it is totally up to you. If you pick 5 of the items below it will help you build your own morning routine.

- Drink at least 8 ounces of room temperature water right after waking up

- Brew a cup of coffee with your favorite beans (bonus: add cinnamon)

- Catch up on current affairs through your go-to news outlet

- Make a nutritious breakfast that will set you up for success

- Do 15 mins of yoga or stretching

- Listen to 20 mins of a thoughtful podcast

- Do 10 mins of meditation

- Make your bed

- Prepare your lunch to avoid costly, junk food later

- Do 10 push ups

- Respond to three personal emails or texts before work starts

- Review your schedule for the day and send out any necessary confirmations

- Spend social time with your partner or roommate

- Say some daily affirmations and tell yourself how great you are

- Take a brisk walk and leave your cellphone behind

- Take in natural light by opening those blackout curtains or going outside

- Watch a TED talk about something inspirational

- Write a journal entry to set your intentions for the day

- Spend time with companion animals

- Read one chapter from a novel


So do you have a morning routine? If so what does your routine consist of? Hope you enjoyed today's post.

See you next time :)

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