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Deserted Island: What would you bring?

Today`s post is going to be all about what I would bring if I ever ended up on a deserted island. This question is posed as if I willingly moved to a deserted island and not if I washed up on some random island and had to survive. I`m going to do the top 3 things that I would bring because those would obviously be the most important things to me to bring.


1. Toolbox full of tools

Now what I would classify as tools is a little different from your average tool. I would want to make sure that I had an ax, saw, hammer, string, matches etc. Basically I would want a toolbox full of things that would help me build a life on this deserted island. This may be considered bringing more than three items but I don`t care :)


2. Beach Bag

This is a must for me because I am not someone who tans I only burn. In this bag would be basic necessities for me. I would need sunscreen, a towel, flip flops etc. I know that realistically I would have to get more sunscreen; but I`m sure that I would have access to a boat would I ever move to a deserted island so I would be able to get more sunscreen as I needed it.


3. Bug Spray/ Mosquito Net

Yes I would love to be on the beach daily and living off the land however I hate bugs and I don`t like having my body covered in bites. I would definitely be bringing bug spray to at least limit the amount of bites that I got on a daily basis. I would also bring a mosquito net to put around me as I sleep.


What about you? Have you ever thought about what you would bring to a deserted island? It could either be washed up or going voluntarily.

Hope you enjoyed today's post

See you next time :)

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