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Creativity Unleashed

Today's post is going to outline the fun projects I have been working on these past few weeks. I got my sewing machine working and was able to check a few DIY's off my list for this year.

I was able to finish the one project that I really wanted to finish. My new camera bag. I used canvas for the main body and then just a printed cotton for the accent fabric. I absolutely love it and it was so fun to make. I made a few mistakes but I think it looks really good, considering that I haven't used a sewing machine since grade 11. Below is the picture of my camera bag ;)

The next project that I was able to at least get almost done because I don't have all the fabric for it yet. I was able to fully piece together my quilt squares and get the front part of my quilt complete. I literally finished it last night. :)

I am not going to post a picture until the entire quilt is finished which means having the batting, binding and back done. However it is Harry Potter themed and I think it turned out awesome.


The next thing that I am working on I am getting the help of my grandpa to do it. I just have to get the measurements and then supplies and that project will be getting off the ground.

Now that I will have my sewing machine at home I have 5-6 things that I know I want to make for sure and I can't wait to be able to make some things for myself rather then buy them.

I love making things myself and doing DIY projects are always so much fun.

Hope you enjoyed today's post.

See you next time :)

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