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Travel DIY: Toothbrush Burrito

Good morning everyone today's post will be a DIY that I decided to do last weekend and they are really easy to do. I'm basically going to show you what I did, if you want the actual instructions message me and I'll send you a link to the instructions that I sort of follow.

So first I chose my fabric {of course it had to be llamas ;) } The actual instructions say to have something 18x21 inches for the towel underneath but I just used a hand towel from the dollar store. and then cut the fabric to match.

I then pinned the fabric right side down to the towel. Making sure to leave a three inch opening so that I could turn it right side out after.

Sewing it together :)

I then turned it right side out and used my toothbrush for reference and folded the top and bottom up to create the pocket on the bottom and the folded cover on the top.

Making sure that my toothbrush fit into the pockets I sewed, there are four different slots to hold things. You can't really see them in the picture.

All finished and wrapped with a ribbon. The ribbon is the closure for the roll.


Hope you enjoyed today's post and if you would like to see more travel sewing DIY posts send me a message with your ideas ;)

See you next time :)

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