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Planning Trips

This post is a big one for me. My sister and I are embarking on a trip in July; its not a big one we are going on a road trip to Victoria. When planning a trip I tend to write everything down and simply plan out everything. I have written all the places we wanted to go along with prices to get into them, along with the price of the ferry and a estimate on what gas would maybe cost. I also make packing lists for clothes, and anything else that I may need.


There are many apps/websites that you can actually use to plan a trip as well. By no means is my way of planning the only way that you can plan. However it is always good to at least have something of a plan when going anywhere even if it changes at least you have a tentative plan of what you wanted to do.


The first thing that I do when I am planning a trip is look up the city that I am planning on going to. I look up any places that would be cool to go to or that would be interesting places to visit.


After I know where I want to go I always check and see what all the prices are and get pricing and write them all down. That way I can figure out how much the various places will cost to visit. This way you can have a rough idea of how much you are going to spend during your trip.


What sort of ideas do you use when travelling? Do you use an app for planning? Or do you use a website? Do you plan your outfits? Or just pack whatever?

I hope this post helps you with planning your next trip. Have an amazing day.

See you next time :)

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