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Why did I start Blogging?

The answer to that question is pretty simple. I started blogging because I love to write and research many different things and I though of this as a way to be an outlet to what I liked researching and share my views and opinions on the things that interest me.


When I first started this blog I saw it as a way of documenting my travels as well as being a hub of all sorts of other things as well. I first started with a vegan view point but have since changed it to more of a travel view point. I am hoping that in the coming years there will be more travel centered posts but for now its whatever I decide to write about (* I am always looking for ideas*).


I will be starting the process of changing my website colors and some other things as well but everything will generally remain the same. I will still have recipes and books that I suggest. I also have some quizzes etc. Now when I decided to start this blog I really wanted it to have some quizzes as well as some book recommendations because I find it fun to take BuzzFeed quizzes when I'm bored as well as getting book recommendations, because I love to read.


Since starting the blog I have found myself anticipating when I am able to sit down and write. I find writing very therapeutic and thus writing each blog post makes my anxiety go down and I relax and get right into my work. I put aside each afternoon of the weekend to get both blog posts done and the work for my Facebook group as well. I will also do research during the week and I have a written schedule for what is going on each day. :) I find a comfy spot and will usually have everything done within 2-3 hours.


So now you know why I started blogging. Is there any other things you would like to know about me? I'd be happy to answer any questions that you have either about me or about the blog itself.

Hope you enjoyed today's post

See you next time :)

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