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Super Summer Specials: Outdoor Fun

We are back with another installment of Super Summer Specials! Today we are covering some fun outdoor activities for adults. These are things that are good for your backyard parties to keep everyone entertained.


Lawn Twister

For this game all you need is food coloring, shaving cream and a circular stencil if you want.

Or if you don't want to use shaving cream you can use spray paint instead.

Another fun variation is using washable children's paint.

Mix the four colors with shaving cream (so red, green, blue and yellow) and then put them in the twister layout.

You can still use the normal twister spinner too.


Water Balloon Dodge-ball

Basically exactly as the title suggests.

Use water balloons instead of dodge-balls and have two teams facing off against each other.

Just don't aim for peoples faces.


Watch Your Step

Players have a balloon tied to each of their ankles and everyone runs around the yard trying to pop other player's balloons using their feet--whoever keeps their balloons intact the longest is the winner.


Giant Jenga

Use 2x4 pieces to make a super-sized version of the famous stacking game--be sure to get out of the way when the tower starts to fall!

To make it even more interesting you can add dares or even truths to the boards.


Glow in the Dark Bowling

Put glow sticks into water bottles and use the water bottles in place of bowling pins.

Use a basketball or a volleyball as your bowling ball.


I hope that you enjoy these fun outdoor games.

Have an awesome day :)

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