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Vacation Journal: Victoria 2019

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

So as many of you know I recently went on vacation on July 6. I figured instead of a video (partly because I didn't take any videos and I find it more fun to write)

So this journal will follow my daily vacation journal which I kept and I will also be imputing pictures from those days as well. I will be writing as points so not full paragraphs and everything. Its just easier.



July 6th

- We left the house at 8:30 am. So we got a later start because we only were going to drive about 5 hours today.

- We stopped in Quesnel for gas, breakfast and coffee. We just got A&W for breakfast and then stopped at Tim Hortons for coffee before heading out of Quesnel.

- Heading south we made it to Williams Lake at about 11:30 ish and we stopped at the Husky Gas Station to grab ice for our cooler and to have a bathroom break.

- At about 12:30 we got to 108 Mile just outside of 100 Mile House and we stopped at the rest area to make lunch. We brought buns, meat and cheese with us so that we didn't have to buy lunch.

- We arrived at Sheridan Lake at about 1:30pm. We were spending the next couple days at our dad`s cousins house.

- We drove into Interlakes that night and we listened to some live music. It was a lot of fun.


July 7th

- Still at dad`s cousins house. Raining so we decided to drive into Clearwater which is about 1.5 hours away from Sheridan Lake to see Mom & Dad who were putting a playground in. We went with dad`s cousins as they wanted to see mom and dad as well.

- On the way back we stopped at the High Five Diner (They have amazing food) in Little Fort for lunch. Mom & Dad joined us.

-Drove back to Sheridan Lake after lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing. It was still raining and gross outside.

- This was our last night at Sheridan Lake.


July 8th

-We left Sheridan Lake at about 7:30 am. We had to drive back into 100 Mile House to go to the gas station. So about 45 mins from Sheridan back into 100 Mile House.

- Stopped in Cache Creek at about 10 am to have breakfast at the Husky Restaurant. Brianna and I just shared breakfast.

- After we finished our breakfast we carried on into ``The Canyon``

- We stopped at Hilltop Farms and bought some fresh cherries. They were really good.

- At 12 pm we arrived at Hell`s Gate Air-tram and decided to go down (it broke up our drive). We explored down below for about an hour and had ice cream. I got 2 postcards and a magnet.

- We then carried on to Hope and got on the interstate towards Vancouver (I don`t like this road, its always really busy)

- We made it to Oma`s around 2:30pm and we were able to surprise her. We stayed for dinner and then went to our hotel in Langley.

- Got to the hotel just after 6pm and we spent the rest of the night relaxing.


July 9th

-Left our hotel around 8:30 am. We drove to Tim Hortons and got coffee and breakfast.

- When we left Tim Hortons it took us about an hour (probably closer to 40 mins) to get to the ferries.

- Caught the 10 am ferry

- Took 1.5 hours to get to Victoria. Spent most of the ride outside on deck. But the last 30 mins we went down to the car and had a snack.

- When we arrived on the island we had another 45 mins drive to get to our aunt`s house.

- We arrived at the house about 12:15 pm. Our aunt had her friends there, and they were just getting ready to eat, so she asked us if we wouldn`t mind walking to the grocery store and grabbing some milk for her. We walked to the store and got the milk. When we got back we just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.


July 10th

- Woke up at 6 am as usual. I got dressed and went upstairs to have coffee and breakfast.

- We then got ready and left the house at about 10:30 am. We went downtown to the mall and we walked around for almost 2 hours. I bought 2 books at Indigo (my favorite store) and I also bought a Fitbit.

- When we left the mall we went to Denny`s and had some lunch. It was there that we decided to go to Craigdarroch Castle after lunch.

- We went to the castle and we walked around for almost 2 hours.

- When we left the castle we went back to our aunt`s house and just relaxed for the afternoon.


July 11th

- Woke up at 6 am again, oh well

- Went upstairs and had coffee after getting dressed.

- Around 10-10:30 we left the house and drove to Beacon Hill Park.

- We walked around the park for about 2.5 hours and seen some cool stuff.

- Tallest free standing totem pole

- Mile `0` Monument

- Moss Lady

- Lots of Peacocks

- Amazing Gardens/ Flowers

- We drove to Clover Point after walking the park. It as where our mom used to take us when we were younger.

- We then went to the mall again and walked around. We had lunch in the food court ( I finally tried OPA Greek and it was really good)

I also bought 2 more books.

- After walking around the mall we went back to our aunt's house.

- Our aunt let me go through all of her old travel boxes. She let me take anything I wanted to (as long as she okay-ed it ) It was really cool seeing the pictures and trinkets she had collected over the years. I got a ton of postcards and some pictures as well as a few trinkets.


July 12th

- Woke up early again, got dressed, had coffee etc.

- We left the house at 10:15 and walked to the bus stopped up the street.

- Caught the bus at 10:30 to go to the Royal BC Museum.

- Walked through the museum and then we walked over to the Parliament Building, we were going to go in but the line was huge so we decided not to.

- After we walked up Government Street. We stopped at Frankie's Modern Diner and had lunch. (It was really good, I would definitely go there again)

- Continued our walk up Government Street. I got to stop at a store I have been wanting to go to called Nezza Naturals and got a couple things. Didn't really buy a lot of stuff though.

- We walked up passed Chinatown and then we got ice cream and walked to the bus stopped to get the bus back to our aunts house. We arrived back at the house at about 3:30 ish and we relaxed for the afternoon.


July 13th

- Woke up early again, got dressed, had coffee etc.

- Left house by 9:30 am and got to Butchart Gardens by 10 am.

- Spent about 1.5 hours at the Gardens simply exploring. We went to the gift-shop after and spent some money ;)

- We then drove back to our aunts house and relaxed.

- We went out for dinner at El Greco's to thank our aunt for letting us stay with her.


July 14th

- Woke up late today 8:30 am; I had a stomach-ache overnight so I needed the sleep.

- Had coffee and toast.

- We decided to go to Mount Tolmie Park today. Also decided we would be going home on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.

- Drove up to the park and got an amazing view of the city. While we were up there we decided to go to Fort Rodd Hill & Fisgard Lighthouse.

- On the way there we stopped at The Green Kiss; a store that I follow on Instagram.

- Spent about 1.5 hours at Fort Rodd Hill walking around.

- On the way back to our aunts house we stopped at Thrifty's and grabbed some snacks and stuff for the trip back on Tuesday.

- When we got back to the house I spend the afternoon organizing all of my stuff. Basically repacking my suitcase.


July 15th

- Slept in this morning then got up and had coffee and breakfast.

- Went to Thrifty's and got some carnations and some little white flowers that I don't know what they were called.

- We then went to Royal Oaks Burial Park and placed flowers at our Nana's, Great Grandma's and Great Grandpa's, Aunt's, Uncle's, and Great Great Grandparents graves.

- We ate lunch at Mcdonald's and then went back to our aunts house and packed up the car. Got everything together and ready to go.


July 16th

- Left the house at 5 am.

- Caught the 6 am ferry. Had breakfast on the ferry.

- Stopped in 100 Mile House to grab Brianna some lunch. We decided not to stop as we just wanted to get home.

- Got back home at about 5:30 pm.

- So glad to be home now but it was a really good vacation.


Hope you enjoy!!

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