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My Anti-Bucket List

I know what your thinking, "What on earth is an anti-bucket list?", well simply put it's the experiences/places that you never what to either go to or experience. For me it's only experiences because I want to travel the world. However there are places that I am not going to go to for various reasons like war, political upheaval etc. and those are all places that governments suggest not travelling to anyway so I am not going to list them here and just do the experiences. I have about 10 that I will never do so let's get into it.


1. Skydiving

I will never skydive because I am terrified of heights. I also think its stupid to jump out of a perfectly working plane just to fall to the ground; no thank you .


2. Eat Haggis

I know this is supposed to be something you experience when you are in Scotland but I will never do it. Just the whole idea is enough to make my stomach turn. However this may change when I travel and I may just bite the bullet and at least taste it.


3. Bungee Jumping

Again this all comes down to being terrified of heights and not wanting to put my trust in basically a glorified bungee cord.


4. Hot Air Balloon

Heights, need I say more.


5. Mount Everest

While this seems like a cool experience and I have admiration for anyone who completes this grueling climb. I will never do it because I have no desire to do it plus it seems very dangerous, especially recently.


6. Swim with Sharks

I will never do this because, you are in the sharks territory and while you may seem safe the sharks are unpredictable and because you are in their territory they won`t hesitate to attack if they feel they need to. (Not saying they attack for no reason, just that if they feel threatened they may feel the need to attack)


7. Cliff Diving

Heights. However if its not very high, I might be persuaded to try it.


8. Bull Run/Fights in Spain

I believe in animal welfare and the bull run in Spain in my opinion is just cruel. There are places that do the "bull fights" but they don't kill the bull after and I could be persuaded to maybe see one of those but its not likely.


9. Dive at the Great Barrier Reef

With this reef dying I would be content simply flying over it. I don't need to add to the destruction.


10. Eat Bugs

Never doing this, bugs are gross.


So what's on your anti-bucket list?


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