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Friend Interview: Delaney

So I have decided to do a mini-series about my friends.

Today's friend interview is my best friend Delaney. Enjoy!

1) Full name: Delaney Jane Danroth

2) Birthday: March 1995

3) Where we met: Sat together in grade 12 English Lit class.

4) How long have we know each other: 6-ish years

5) Fave animal: Horse

This is Delaney with her horse Donkey :)

6) Fave book: Girl, wash your face by Rachel Hollis

7) Fave movie: Dukes of Hazard (2005)

8) Fave color: Army Green and Teal (but not together, lol)

9) Fave food: Carbs; usually in the form of pasta

10) Fave place I have travelled: Belize, Central America

11) Bucket List: New York City


Thanks for reading :)

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