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Friend Interview

So here is the second installment of my Friend Interview Mini Series.

Today's friend interview is my friend Hubert. He lives in France, so we have actually never met in person. (lol) Enjoy!

1) Full name: Hubert Pierre Marie Brun

2) Birthday: June 1993

3) Where/ How we met: We met on a website called Students of the World.

4) How long have we know each other: Almost 2 years

5) Fave animal: Black Wolf

6) Fave book: I don't have a favorite, I prefer newspapers.

7) Fave movie: Paris brûle t-il

8) Fave color: Blue and Black

9) Fave food: Beef Burgundy

10) Fave place I have travelled: Beaufort Sur Doron

11) Bucket List: I would like to Work in Portugal, to help my Friends, to spend good Times with family , friends and my dog.


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