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As The Leaves Change

Fall is in the air!!! And that means that it is my favorite time of year. You may be thinking, why is this your favorite time of year. Well I don't really like heat and basically everything outside during spring and summer I am allergic to (haha)

I love autumn. The main reason being the variation of colors in nature. I love watching the leaves turn colors and how the animals furs starts to change and flowers die in preparation for the winter. Yes I know that seems morbid but I like watching how nature prepares itself for the upcoming cold. We take cues from nature and when things start to die and change colors we know that winter is on its way and we need to get prepared.

I also love that the days begin to get shorter and cooler. I love the cooler days and the way that the breeze always is around. I also love that the days get shorter partly because it is easier to fall asleep (lol) but you also spend more time indoors with your family at night and spend the majority of your day trying to either do stuff outside when you can or again spending time with people you love.

Another thing I love about fall is that in my family at least we have bonfires in autumn. We spend the time together and sit around a fire and just be together.

Fall is also a time for reflection. You are slowly coming to the end of the year and you are able to let go of the past and work towards you future. The closer we get to the end of September, the closer we get to Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas (yes I went there) These holidays make us appreciate what we have and who is around us. Halloween really doesn't but what can you do its is a fun holiday though.

Have an amazing fall. What are some of your favorite things about fall? What is your favorite season?


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