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Recharge & Relax

The benefits of living a balanced life include lower stress, improved health, increased focus and concentration, inspired creativity, and the ability to manage life’s ups and downs with dignity and grace. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But still many of us, myself included, struggle to balance life and take good care of ourselves.

We may think of the weekend as our time to relax and recharge. But there are many ways that we can relax and recharge every day.

It’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves in times of activity and stress. It’s just as easy to push ourselves during the week and plan to “catch up” over the weekend (or, perhaps, vice versa). I don’t know about you, but I need a self-care intervention!

To inspire healthy habits and balance in my life, I made a list of simple ways to recharge my day. I got some help from different websites to compile this list.

25 ways to relax, unwind, and refresh your day

1. Take a power nap!

I am a master power napper. I set an alarm for 15-20 minutes, close my eyes and wake feeling refreshed.

2. Take a walk. In addition to power napping, taking my daily walk is one of my favorite ways to recharge. I love how focused and energized I feel after morning walk.

3. Go for a run. Maybe a run is more your style. Running is good for your heart, your head, and your overall health!

4. Do nothing for 2 minutes. Can you do nothing for 2 minutes? Okay, you can do something- like breathe. Sit up straight, take three deep breaths, counting to three as you inhale and three as you exhale. Roll your shoulders back and drop your shoulders away from your ears. Unclench your jaw. There, don’t you feel better now?

5. Change your perspective. Approach a problem a new way, or physically change your position, activity or location. Get a new perspective- how inspiring!

6. Write a gratitude list. Make a list of at least 10 things you’re grateful for right now. Make note of what brings a smile to your face, makes you laugh, feels great, creates comfort and love in your life. It’s a 5 minute attitude booster!

7. Unplug. I love the convenience and global connection of my digital devices but sometimes I have to step away from the internet! Unplug for at least 15 waking minutes per day.

8. Play sports. Team sports are a great way to exercise your body and mind, spend time with friends, and have fun.

9. Dance like no one’s watching. Have you ever seen someone rocking out in their car at a stoplight? Oh, you saw me, did you? Sometimes it’s a wonderful release to dance like no one’s watching even if you know they are.

10. Enjoy a coffee date. Enjoying the company of a friend over a cup of coffee (or tea) will certainly improve your day!

11. Do yoga. A yoga practice can be as short as 20 minutes with a significant benefits to your health and peace of mind. Yoga balances the breath, body, and mind to create harmony in your life- what’s not to love?

12. Put your worries away. We all experience stress and worry from time-to-time and one way to keep it in check is to write down whatever you’re worried about and place it in a worry box or jar. You don’t have to carry it around with you all the time.

13. Save some cash! Find discounts in your area to treat yourself on a budget!

14. Read a (comic) book. No matter if you enjoy reading comics or novels, curling up with a good book relaxes and builds brain power!

15. Get to bed early. When I’m feeling exhausted and drained I know it’s a good time to get to bed early and get a good night’s sleep. Sleep does wonders for my health and happiness.

16. Play music. Music is good for the soul, or at least good for my soul. Putting on music that matches my mood relaxes, energizes, or lifts my spirits, depending on what I need right now.

17. Pamper yourself. An evening of self-pampering including a salt soak, paraffin dip, pedicure and mud mask facial. That sounds lovely!

18. Do something you love that’s just for you. I have several creative hobbies including writing, painting, coloring, and crafting. I love spending time on my hobbies and exercising my creative muscles. Whatever your hobby, invest in yourself by doing something you love!

19. Stretch Stretch your body, stretch your heart, stretch your mind, and stretch your smile. Stretch every day.

20. Hug someone you love. If you are having a particularly hard day coming home to a warm embrace is a huge pick me up, that can even mean you hug your pet when you get home.

21. Empty your inbox. I love the feeling of an empty inbox, though I must admit my inbox isn’t often empty so I’m going to take a few minutes and remove some digital clutter. If I can’t empty it completely, I’ll delete at least 10 emails I don’t need anymore. Won’t you join me in simplifying your digital life?

22. Spend time with family and friends Simply spend time with your family or friends. Dinner at night with family is a great way to release the stress of the day.

23. Go to a museum or art gallery. I love the inspiration and emotion evoked by beautiful art and I don’t do it often enough. I’ll take this as a wonderful reminder to go out and be moved by art in the near future.

24. Spend time in nature. There is nothing more peaceful than getting away from the hustle and bustle of the civilization and enjoying nature. Whether you live near mountains, oceans, lakes, or plains, spending time outdoors offers a little peace and quiet.

25. Take a ride on 2 wheels. I love the unique experience of traveling on 2 wheels. Whether by bicycle, scooter, or motorcycle there’s nothing like the feeling of freedom with the wind caressing my face as I navigate starts, stops, and turns by shifting my weight. It’s a truly zen experience!


Now these are only a few ideas for relaxing and recharging. There are many more available online and you can tailor them to what you need for yourself. Hope these are able to help you in your daily life as a way of helping you relax after hard days.


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