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Moving Forward: What's Next for Me

Good Morning and Happy New Year! We have ended one decade and started another, can't wait to see what goes on for me during this one. I was going to include a 2010 photo but I don't have any. I hated my picture being taken when I was younger, I still hate it but I am getting better and allow pictures to be taken of me know but I still limit it :) I will include a current photo though.


I for one am looking forward to this year and what I want to accomplish. My life has been pretty "strange" these last few months and I am looking forward to changing that. I will hopefully heading back to work in February after taking time off to look after myself. I will also "most likely" be going back to school in September of next year and finally get on the path that I have been working for the last year.


My health has finally started to get better. Slowly but still getting better. I have been put on new medication which is helping me amazingly, which I am really happy about. I have glasses now so I can see a little bit better. And I have been losing weight after struggling all my life with my weight that is a huge thing. While these things could be small changes to someone else these are all big for me because of my mental health issues. I have made my resolutions and I plan on sticking to them, I want to make this year about me and really work on making me better.


Over this past year; even the last six months, I have really realized who my friends are. While sometimes I don't always talk to them I always know they are a message away. Even those friends that I have all over the world.

I can't wait to see what this next year brings me as well as this next decade. Have an amazing day :)


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