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2023 Christmas Wish List

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. Today I am going to share some of the things that are on my wish list for this year. This list is sent to my sister, mom, and grandma; the reason for this is I don't want gifts that I won't use. I don't want the added clutter, so this makes it super easy for my family to know what to get me.


Gift Cards

Because I never know what I really want I always have a good amount a places that I would love gift cards for, then it makes it easy so that I can just get what I want. Some of them include; Indigo, Fabricland, Michaels, and Old Navy.


Kitchen Tools

This year I have really gotten into cooking and baking more. Being stuck in a boot for 6 months really made me become more of a homebody. So this year's list includes quite a few kitchen tools that I really want.

Veggie Mandolin, Meat Thermometer, Pastry Cutter, Cookie Scoops, Rolling Pin, Baking Sheet with Rack and a good pair of Kitchen Shears.


If you know me you know I love books and reading. My list this year was just going to include books but my mom and grandma said that they wouldn't just buy me books (haha), so this is the short list of books I decided to add for my Christmas list.

o Trick or Truce: Special Edition by Kristen Granata

o Reckless: Special Edition by Elsie Silver #1 of series

o Powerless: Special Edition by Elsie Silver #2 of series

o Flawless: Special Edition by Elsie Silver #3 of series

o Heartless: Special Edition by Elsie Silver #4 of series

o Rewrite Our Story by Kat Singleton

o Indigo Ridge by Devney Perry #1 of series

o Juniper Hill by Devney Perry #2 of series

o Garnet Flats by Devney Perry #3 of series

o Jasper Vale by Devney Perry #4 of series

o Crimson River by Devney Perry #5 of series


Random Stuff & Stocking Stuffers

My mom loves doing my stocking every year even though I have told her that I don't need one. Usually, she gets little things like sprays, lotions, etc. but this year I asked for none of those things because I have way too much and just said I would use bath bombs and toothpaste (then I won't have to buy any for a while :) ).

Another thing that I asked for this year was a good curling iron, I've wanted one for a while but have never got one.


What's on your Christmas list for this year? Do you have a set Christmas list you give out to family?


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