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Bookish Pet Peeves

What exactly is a bookish pet peeve? Well simply put these are things that readers/book lovers hate. Kind of like how you have pet peeves in your daily life like being late, loud chewing, etc. Bookish pet peeves are simply related to books and reading. The opinions in this post are my own, these are my bookish pet peeves. They are in no particular order as I dislike all of them.


Dog-Eared Pages

I absolutely hate this, even when I borrow a book from the library and I see that the pages were dog-eared before it really bothers me. How hard is it to use a scrap piece of paper as a bookmark? This is one of the main reasons I have a really hard time lending books out.


Laying Book Face Down

While I don't like this it's not because it can crack the spine (I'm not picky about cracking the spines honestly), but rather leaving the books like this I have found especially for a longer period of time can weaken the "hinges" of the pages and I have had multiple books fall apart (usually my second-hand ones) due to this. Again this is my opinion.


Cups on Books

While this is not something that I think everyone does, it is definitely something I have seen. I know realistically that most people are just as careful of their books as I am but even seeing pictures (staged) with a book on top of a stack of books bothers me.


Stickers on Books

I absolutely hate having stickers on books but at least they can be removed, sometimes this is easy, other times not so much but it can be done. The worst is when they have fake "stickers" on the front of books. Those stickers tend to be ugly, especially the Now on Netflix ones.


Movie/tv shows vs. Book

While I understand that many books are remade into movies/tv shows and they are supposed to be reimaged to fit within a 1 hour period (or so) but the way that some movies and tv shows ruin the book is awful. Two of the main ones that bothered me were Harry Potter and Bridgerton. And while these were both amazing shows I found that they still missed parts of the books that seemed to be important (at least to me).


Writing in Books

While annotating books has become a really big thing I can bring myself to ever write in a book. I think this could have a lot to do with being told that books are for reading not writing in or coloring in etc as a kid. Even seeing people annotating books while it most of the time looks pretty bothers me.


Movie Covers

I hate when publishers change the cover of books after it's been made into a show or movie. I know that they are piggybacking over the success of the shows but it ruins the feeling of the books (at least to me). Bridgerton did this but the covers were also changed from the originals, the set that I have has the first book as the Netflix cover and while I hate it, it is a pretty cover that just isn't what I would have wanted. It would be nice if the entire series matched (cover-wise).


Books in Series but Different Sizes

I hate this when it happens and it doesn't even need to be a huge difference. If it's a noticeable height difference it is a huge pet peeve of mine.


Lending Books Out

I personally will not lend books out. The reason for this is that I have lent them out before but they have come back damaged (even if it's minor damage) and I refuse to let my books be damaged. I now will only allow my mom to borrow my books and a big reason for that is she knows that I am very particular about my books and because we live in the same house they don't leave the house.


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