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Canadian Monsters: Mahaha

Today we are going to look at another Canadian Monster this time we are going to be looking at the Mahaha, a very creepy creature from Inuit mythology.


The Mahaha is a creature with origins in Inuit mythology, legend, and folklore. The Mahaha resembles an emaciated Inuk (Inuit), dressed in torn Inuk clothes. Their skin appears at least mildly blue (putrid and badly frostbitten), and their hair is often long, brittle, and frozen stiff. Their eyes are often pale blue, or gray or some stories even say all white without irises. They have a long sharp set of fingernails, to boot. Mahaha are singular creatures, roaming solitarily across the Arctic.

The Inuit saw this spirit from time to time, always with minimal clothing. He giggles and smiles at the Aboriginals with a creepy appearance about him.

Elders say that its nails are responsible for the Mahaha's victims, as he constantly tickles those he encounters to death. If an Aboriginal was found dead with a bizarre smile across his or her face, the tribe assumed it was the work of the Mahaha.

Although this creature is twisted and evil, Mahaha is easily fooled. Most of the stories told about Mahaha end with it being fooled. Usually, Mahaha is tricked into leaning over a water hole to take a drink and is pushed into the open water and swept away by the currents.

So if Mahaha ever corners you alone, ask it to have one last drink with you by the water hole before it tickles you to death.


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