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Creating New Habits

While it is common knowledge (to most anyway) that new habits take 21 days to become part of your routine, they can be hard to make stick even then. For me now I have started to try and follow five simple habits. I got these from Stefanie Moir, she posted a video on them; they are the habits that she follows and I really liked them so I have started to try and follow them as well.

I have linked Stefanie's information at the end of this post as well as the video that I watched.


1) Eat Breakfast

This is one that I really struggle with because I really don't like eating breakfast. I try and eat something but most days I just won't eat breakfast. However some things that are good for an easy simply breakfast are Overnight Oats, or Smoothies. Things that are easy to make and don't take much effort are my favorite breakfasts.


2) Be Prepared

This habit is geared towards your grocery shopping and eating habits. When I grocery shop I always make lists and I really try and do that 2-3 days before I know I'm going grocery shopping, that way I know what I need and where in the store I need to go. So the three area's of this habit are Planning in Advance- so not leaving your grocery list to the morning you go, Grocery Lists- having a set grocery list so your not just walking aimlessly through the store and buying whatever strikes your fancy, and Meal Prep- even if your not prepping your meals in advance but rather doing this so you know what your eating everyday. I try and follow all of these but I still haven't gotten a handle on the whole meal prep idea .


3) Choose Things You Enjoy

For this one it could be geared to either food or exercise (at least that's how I view it). For me I always try and get foods that I know I will enjoy and that I know that I will finish completely because otherwise it is just going to go bad in my fridge and that is a waste. I am also very choosy when it comes to different exercise that I do; I really enjoy yoga and I try and do a little workout everyday that includes exercises that I can actually do without feeling like I'm not doing them right. The main premise of this is that if you choose the things that you enjoy you will actually feel compelled to do them.


4) Work-Life Balance

This is true in all aspects of your life. If you don't have a balance between working and your home/social life then you are going to burn out a lot faster than you would if you have a good balance. I mean you are still susceptible to burnout regardless of what you do but if you have a good balance chances are that it won't be as severe. (This is just my opinion)


5) Sleep & Wake up Early

I know what your thinking, why should my sleeping be a healthy habit. Well sleep is what recharges your batteries so to speak and it helpful in improving your mood, memory and can even help with your immune system. There are many other benefits of sleep, but for this habit to really make a change in your life then you need to follow this routine. Go to sleep between 10-11 pm ( the odd night out is not going to be a deal breaker if that is something you really enjoy, but even if you go out follow the next part), Wake up between 6-8 am regardless of what your doing that day. I try and follow this not but sometimes I just can't fall asleep between those times and it is later but I always (for the most part) wake up at 6:30 am every day.


Watch this video for more information on the healthy habits


Buy Her Book:



Hope you enjoyed today's post. Do you have healthy habits that you follow? What are some of your habits?

Have an awesome day :)


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