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End Of Year Update

Well we have almost made it to the end of 2020. This year has been crazy needless to say. My year started out fine and I was making strides with my mental health; going to a group for Anxiety and Panic as well as going to counselling. But when covid hit and everything kind of got pushed around. The group kept going via online platform but I haven't had any counselling since the beginning of the year. I however have found other ways to work on getting my depression and anxiety under somewhat of a control.


As the year went of and things in the world around us were changing, I had very few changes within my life as I wasn't going out daily and I wasn't working at this point. I found solace in working on my blog as well as doing lots of crafts. I have also done a lot of baking this year. I know that other places had it way worse than me and I empathize with all of those places but for me with my mental health being the way it was I was grateful that my life didn't change drastically.


After the snow started to melt here I also began walking a lot. Everyday I would go out and walk for about an hour and I was actually starting to feel amazing but then traffic started to get crazy on the highway and it wasn't really safe to walk along it anymore. The only other option was to walk through the ditch but we had so much rain it was just too wet. Walking lasted a couple months but I want to get back into it.


Another amazing thing that happened at the end of January is we got a new puppy. He is now almost a year old and is adorable. But I'm biased, I think all my dogs are adorable. I also got promoted to Aunty at the end of March when my best friend had her daughter and I was able to see her weekly for a while but we both decided as cases skyrocketed in our health region to close off our bubbles and not see each other so I haven't seen her for about 2 months.


I have so many plans for next year with this blog as well as in my personal life but I will detail those in the new year in a different post. Not much else has happened in my life this year so I think that I will end this post now by saying We survived 2020 and I can't wait for 2021!!

Happy New Year and have an amazing day :)


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