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Favourite Things About Fall

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

In today's post I will be highlighting some of my favourite things about my favourite season Fall or Autumn depending on how you say it. A couple of things before I get started I do not like pumpkin spice-flavoured drinks or food however I do enjoy pumpkin pie so this list will not include anything about pumpkin spice.


By far my favourite thing about this time of year is Fall Fashion. Now when I say fall fashion I mean big cozy sweaters, leggings or jeans, scarves (I have a ton of scarves that I only ever wear in the autumn.) and boots. I love a good pair of boots, I have 2 pairs of suede knee high boots (in blue and purple) I also have a shorter "leather" boot that is lace up. I love sweaters as well, I have 4 cozy sweaters and in the same aspect I love big long sleeve shirts as well because they are comfy to wear in the cooler weather. As for scarves I probably have 20 of them, I never wear them all year and then as soon as the cooler weather hits they get pulled out and I wear them all winter until spring hits.

Next up would be Fall Weather. I love the cooler weather that fall brings, mainly because the warm weather of summer tends to make me feel sick, if that makes sense. I love that the cooler weather allows you to go for longer walks and not get over-heated with all the layers you inevitably end up wearing.

Next we have Fall Colours. I love when the leaves start changing. Where I live the leaves started changing a couple weeks ago and I couldn't be happier. I love the way that the colours just make the forests stand out.

Fall Scented Candles/Air Fresheners is the next thing on my list. This is on my list because Bath & Body Works has a scent that I love and that if I could I would use it all year. That scent would be Flannel. I love this scent, I use the candles, plug in air freshener and I also use this scent in my car air freshener.

Bonfires is up next and I simply love the smell of a bonfire. In my family during the summer we don't do a lot of branch burning however we simply stack it and then once the cold weather hits and we have a couple frosty nights behind us we light these piles on fire and sometimes we make a day/night of it, depending on the weather, etc.

Next we have blankets. I don't use blankets a lot but when I go into the basement during the colder months I always have a blanket available because I tend to get cold. I also have a blanket on my bed that I use when I sit and read because I leave my window cracked open all year. Also reading a good book while being snuggled up into a blanket is amazing.

Last but not least we have Comfort Foods & Warm Drinks. Now as I stated in the beginning of this post I detest pumpkin spice flavoured anything. Instead, I tend to lean towards apple spiced flavour and hot chocolate, for my warm drinks however I also love tea and it doesn't matter about flavour as long as its not pumpkin spice flavoured. As for comfort foods I love a good soup or chili when the weather is cold. I also love to have baked casseroles or lasagna during the fall/winter months as well.


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