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Hester Dymock: Book Review

I want to start this post off by saying that I was sent this book by Victoria Chatham in return for my honest review.

It has taken me way too long to get these books read and reviewed so this month and next month I will be really pushing to get these books done. I have three more after this one from Victoria Chatham and then I have one more from another author that reached out to me.



Book Information

Title: Hester Dymock

Author: Victoria Chatham

Publisher: Books We Love Publishing Inc

Publication Date: 2021

Edition: 1st

Pages: 316

ISBN: 978-0-2286-1706-8


Book Summary

Hester Dymock dreams of one man, Lord Gabriel Ravenshall. She knows a liaison between them is impossible without her having title or fortune. Involved in an accident close to her home, he falls and breaks his leg. Abandoning all discretion, she rushes to his aid.

Gabriel has no choice but to submit to Hester's care and that of her mother, an apothecary and her brother, a doctor. Embittered by the memory of his parent's loveless marriage, he broods over his growing regard for Hester, unaware of her deep attraction to him. Once his leg has mended enough for him to return to his home, he is dismayed to discover that Hester is to continue tending him.

Her stubborn, uncooperative patient keeps Hester on her toes. With her help, will Gabriel learn to walk again? And will he allow himself to love her, or will her hopes for the future remain a dream?


Book Review

I am really going to try not to spoil anything with this review. It may end up being shorter because of that, but just because it is shorter does not mean that I didn't enjoy the book.

I loved this book. It was so cute seeing that Hester loved Gabriel from afar and even after the accident that put him right in her path, she still knows that she can't do anything about her feelings and tries to forget about him. Even after he left their house for Ravenshall Court she tried to forget about her feelings following a discussion with her mother. I loved that Hester's brother Jonathan and Gabriel's friend Ash really tried to get them together. I really enjoyed having Gabriel's brother show up about halfway through the book. It helped build more of the story with some of the things that he talks to Hester about. Gabriel really didn't want Hester to be around his house but he slowly came back to himself with her around. Really, I think that the only reason he got better after the accident is that he wanted to get better for her.

I thought that Hester reacted rather suddenly when she overheard Ash and Jonathan talking about their plan. Leaving, in my opinion, was a rather dumb decision but in the same sense she visited her grandfather and it really helped her in the long run with sorting out her feelings for Gabriel. I loved that as soon as they returned to Ravenshall Court, Gabriel doesn't immediately recognize her but when she finally raises her head and looks at him he is overcome with emotion and dragged her away without a word to anyone else. I loved this section of the book specifically because it describes Gabriel at that moment.

"Where the hell have you been?" he roared, rushing past his mother, ignoring his visitor, and grabbing Hester by the hand. "You're coming with me" - pg. 304
The force of Gabriel's fury rolled towards Hester like a tidal wave. His dark eyes somehow appeared darker when his brows drew down into a deep vee above his nose. Two bright spots of colour emphasized the sharpness of his cheekbones. His grip was like a vice around her hand. -pg. 305

While that above section was occurring Hester realizes that Gabriel is not walking with a crutch or cane and she is very happy. "Her heart irrationally sang with joy in the wake of his seething temper." - pg. 306

I will finish off this review with what is probably my favorite quote from the whole book.

Hester, I have loved you for eons. I didn't at first recognize it as such, only that when I saw you about in Fulhampton, my day was brighter, better. I only knew that I didn't want what my parents had, more I wanted what Nathan's parents had. A true love. And I saw precious little of it around me in Society. But every day I have been with you has given me hope for a loving future.

I hope you enjoyed this review. I loved this book and I can't wait to continue on with this series.

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