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My Collection is Growing

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Today's post is basically going to be an update on what my collection has become. I recently got a new magnet board and I figured out a different system to store my magnets.

I asked my Grandpa if he would be able to make me a magnet board and boy did he deliver. I love my new magnet board and my grandpa did an amazing job. My new board is 26 inches wide and 30 1/4 inches long. I love that it is so big and I will be able to add so many more magnets to my collection. I am now at 45 magnets so far and I love getting them.

My postcards are a little bit more. I collect postcards two ways. I get a lot of postcards from Postcrossing (which I have written a post about before) I believe I have received about 67 postcards from that. I have also gotten postcards from my aunt who has traveled extensively and gets postcards and didn't know what to do with them. Now that everyone knows I collect them I have friends and family who grab me postcards and will give them to me when they get back.

I have two binders (3 inch) that are full of postcards. One binder has only my postcrossing ones and the other one is full of other one is full of ones that I have gotten from friends and family.

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Do you have a collection? If you don't what is something you would want to collect?

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