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On the Way to a Wedding: Book Review

Before I begin, I was sent this book by Suzanne Stengl for my honest review.


Book Information:

Title: On the Way to a Wedding

Author: Suzanne Stengl

Publisher: Mya & Angus

Edition: 1st

Pages: 249

ISBN: 9780988036567


Book Summary

He finds her on a deserted forest road—with a totaled car, a sprained ankle and . . . a wedding dress. Deep down inside, Ryder longs for the freedom and simple honesty of a less complicated life, but his pride has him hell-bent on proving a point to his father. He’s building an estate home and marrying the sophisticated, elegant woman he’s chosen for his fiancée. Confident in his conviction that love is overrated, Ryder is determined to make the lukewarm relationship work, so he denies his surprising fascination for his roadside damsel in distress. With her wedding fast approaching and her mother breathing down her neck, Toria hopes some time and space will solve her confusion. But when her car spins out of control and she ends up in the ditch, she never could’ve expected the instant attraction to the man who rescues her . . .


Book Review

*may contain spoilers*

This story starts with Ryder finding Toria on the side of a road, outside of Calgary. Toria at this point after he gets her into his truck seems to have a concussion as well as a very badly sprained ankle. Toria at this point is trying to run from her wedding as that is the reason she was on the side road to begin with. Ryder was also trying to take time and figure out what he wanted because his wedding was also coming up. Ryder takes her to his friend's cabin & she also ends up hypothermic at this point. He helps her get warm and then the next day takes her back to Calgary. He also takes care of phoning the cops about her car and gets it towed to Canmore.

Really even at this point in the story (being only a couple of chapters in), you can really tell that they have more in common relationship-wise than they think. You can also immediately tell that they are attracted to each other, which because of them being in relationships is kind of tricky. Toria really doesn't want to get married and has told her (ex)fiancé this but he doesn't seem to get it. Ryder on the other hand is just really not sure, he doesn't really love his fiancé and thinks that he is only getting married to prove to his father that he can.

Toria is a high school teacher and even though she is supposed to be off work, she ends up going into the school and helping with the grad dance decorations. Ryder helps with this and I think that this is when Ryder really is falling for her. In the end, both the relationships ended (i.e. the fiancés) because some other truths are revealed. Eventually, Toria realizes that she is in love with Ryder and she takes Isabelle's (her friend) car and she takes off to the cabin that Ryder took her to the first time they met, to "regroup". Ryder obviously doesn't let her get away and he follows her to the cabin and declares his love for her as well.

I loved this book. It was so good. I loved that at the end she burns the wedding dress that her father bought her in Paris many years before. It really closed that wedding chapter of her life. Ryder and Toria really worked well together and it really seemed like they were meant to meet on that deserted road (spoiler). I read this book in under an hour it was so good. Highly recommend. I would suggest reading the first book before this one though.


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