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Overrated Books 

Good morning!! Today's post is completely in my opinion and I'm not saying you can't like them obviously people have different opinions on books and I totally respect that. I have 5 either books/series that are overrated (to me at least).


1. Lord of The Rings Trilogy

The reason that this book is on here is because even though I read this whole series I found it seriously boring and tedious. I really tried to like it because I loved The Hobbit and I thought that this series would be the same. However it wasn't what I thought. I would try and get into it again if I was to try maybe an audiobook instead I might be able to enjoy it more.


2. Game of Thrones Series

Since this was all over the place I figured I would give it a shot before I started the TV Series, I never got that far, I wasn't even able to get through the first book. It was so boring. I again might try again with an audiobook instead and try it that way but I couldn't make myself even finish the first book.


3. Hunger Games

I only read the first half of this book and then I couldn't read anymore. I found it very boring and over exaggerated. I found the main characters annoying and vapid, and the plot had so many holes in it (to me at least) that some things that happened didn't even make sense.


4. The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

While the movie was amazing, the book left something to be desired. I found that the book made the kids sound bratty and annoying rather than inquisitive like they were in the movie. It also didn't do a awesome job of explaining the scenery like the witch's castle and even some of the creatures. I was able to finish the book but I wouldn't read it again, and I would recommend people watch the movie rather than read the book.


5. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

While this is considered an amazing literary work. I found it rather disappointing. I didn't like the way that the dialogue was written (I know it's the time period but it just annoys me) I hated the way that the slaves were written in. It's the racial nature of this book that I just don't agree with and I only got a little ways into the book before I didn't read anymore.


I know that many of your may not agree with my opinions and that's totally fine. Do you have any books that you think are just overrated? Any books on this list that you really enjoyed?

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