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Small Town Series: Argentina

Good Morning!

Here is another installment of the Small Town series. Today's country is Argentina. All of these small towns have 50,000 inhabitants or less. I will be covering 10 different towns in today's post. I have included as much as I can about each small town.

Population numbers come from


San Pedro- 47,452 inhabitants

San Pedro is an Argentinean town on the Paraná River. It's known for its coiled pastries, called ensaimadas. The Italianate Church of Our Lady of Succor (Nuestra Señora del Socorro) overlooks the main square. Nearby, the Fray José María Bottaro Museum displays religious and cultural artifacts. To the northwest, the Vuelta de Obligado Historical Park, site of an 1845 battle, includes a museum and a nature reserve.


Pocito- 40,969 inhabitants

Pocito is a department in San Juan Province, Argentina. It is located to the south of the city of San Juan, and is predominantly agricultural, the principal products being grapes and olives. It has a string of prestigious wineries that make up the so-called "Wine Route". The west part of the department is mountainous.


Cañada de Gómez- 36,000 inhabitants

Cañada de Gómez is a city in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. It is the head town of the Iriondo Department and is located about 67 km west of Rosario and 224 km from the provincial capital, on National Route 9.


Casilda- 32,002 inhabitants

Casilda is a city in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. It is the head town of the Caseros Department, and lies about 45 km west of Rosario and 202 km south-southwest of the provincial capital Santa Fe, on National Route 33.


Allen- 26,083 inhabitants

Allen is a city in the province of Río Negro, Argentina. It is located on the left-hand side of the Alto Valle of the Río Negro, near its beginning in the confluence of the Neuquén and Limay rivers, about 20 km west of General Roca and 35 km east of Neuquén.


Cinco Saltos- 19,819 inhabitants

Cinco Saltos is a city in the province of Río Negro, Argentina, located on the eastern side of the valley of the Neuquén River, near the Pellegrini Lake, about 20 kilometres from northwest of Neuquén and 25 kilometres from Allen.

The town is also known as "City of Witches" due to its reports of witchcraft activity. There is a place called Bajo Negro where witchcraft is done. Paranormal occurrences of UFO sightings have also been reported in parts surrounding the Pellegrini and The Arroyones Lake. In 2009, an intact corpse of an 8- to 12-year-old girl who had died in the 1930s was found in a cemetery ossuary.


San Javier-15,606 inhabitants

San Javier is a city in the northeast of the province of Santa Fe, Argentina, 156 km north-northeast from the provincial capital. It is the head town of the San Javier Department.


Clodomira- 9,043 inhabitants

Clodomira is a municipality and village in Santiago del Estero in Argentina.


Villa La Angostura- 7,526 inhabitants

Villa La Angostura is a resort town on Nahuel Huapi Lake in Patagonia, Argentina. It’s known for its Alpine-style wooden buildings. The surrounding Nahuel Huapi National Park has Andean mountains, lakes and forests. Nearby, Los Arrayanes National Park contains centuries-old arrayán trees. Cerro Bayo mountain ski trails are just outside of town. The Seven Lakes road winds north to the town of San Martín de los Andes.

In June 2011, Villa La Angostura was declared a disaster area due to the massive layer of ash dumped on the community by the eruption to the west in Chile.


El Calafate- 7,000 inhabitants

El Calafate is a town near the edge of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field in the Argentine province of Santa Cruz. It’s mainly known as the gateway to Los Glaciares National Park, home to the massive Perito Moreno Glacier, whose ever-shifting icy landscape is popular for hiking and sightseeing. A modern interpretive center called the Glaciarium serves as a primer on the region’s numerous glaciers.


Hope you enjoyed today's post. There is only one more part to the Small Town Series which will be up next Friday. Have an awesome day :)


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