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Smallest Towns in the World

Today's post is all about some of the smallest towns in the world. They are from all over the world. I have tried to include everything I could about each place. Some still have people living there full time and others have no full time inhabitants.


Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands; 50 inhabitants

Adamstown is the capital of, and the only settlement on, the Pitcairn Islands. Adamstown has a population of 50, which is the entire population of the Pitcairn Islands. All the other islands in the group are uninhabited. Adamstown is where most residents eat, drink and sleep, while they grow food in other areas of the island. Adamstown is the second smallest capital in the world by population. It has access to television, satellite Internet, and a telephone; however, the main means of communication remains ham radio. The "Hill of Difficulty" connects the island's jetty to the town.


Hum, Croatia; 30 inhabitants

Hum is a settlement, administratively located in the Town of Buzet, in the central part of Istria, northwest Croatia, 7 km from Roč. The elevation is 349 m. According to the 1921 census, 100% of the population spoke italian. On its western side, the town is enclosed by walls and on the remaining sides houses are built into the defensive walls. It was first mentioned in documents dating from 1102, at which time it was called Cholm which is derived from the Italian name Colmo. A bell and watch tower was built in 1552 as part of the town's defenses beside the town loggia. The town's parish church of the Assumption of Mary, with its classical facade was built in 1802 on the site of an earlier church which was built by the local master Juraj Gržinić. The "Hum Glagolitic wall writings" are preserved in the church, written in the formative period of Glagolitic (the second half of the 12th century) and they are one of the oldest examples of Croatian Glagolitic literary culture in the Middle Ages. The town's museum displays a few Glagolitic writings.


Tilt Cove, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada; 4 inhabitants

Tilt Cove is a town located southeast of Baie Verte on Notre Dame Bay and was founded in 1813. Tilt Cove is known as "Canada's smallest town." A source of gold, copper, and zinc ores, Tilt Cove was the site of the first mine in Newfoundland. The Tilt Cove mine opened in 1864 and "was soon employing several hundred men at good wages". Postal service was established in 1869.


Cooladdi, Queensland; 3 inhabitants

Cooladdi is a ghost town and locality in the Shire of Murweh, Queensland, Australia. The town is 826 kilometres west of the city of Brisbane. The population is 3, all of whom reside at the general store. It is Australia's smallest town.


Gross, Nebraska; 2 inhabitants

Gross is a village in Boyd County, Nebraska, United States. Gross was founded in 1893. It was named for Ben Gross, who kept a general store.


Cass, New Zealand; 1 inhabitant

Cass is a locality in the Selwyn District of the Canterbury region in New Zealand's South Island. It is named for Thomas Cass, an important pioneer surveyor in the area. State Highway 73 passes near the town, and the Midland Line between Christchurch and the West Coast was opened to the town in 1910, with the full line opened in 1923 when the Otira Tunnel was completed. Since November 1987, the world-famous TranzAlpine passenger train has run through the town. There are 5 houses in Cass today, but only one resident, making it one of the few places in the world with a population of one resident. The Cass Trust Hotel and Tavern Still Operates in the Old Ministry of Works Shed. Cass is home to the large civil contracting company, Cass Contracting which employs over 170 highly skilled staff. For some time from 1910, while the Midland Line was under construction (and in particular, the tunnel at Arthur's Pass), Cass was the railhead coming from the east coast. At that time, Cass had a population of around 800. The Cass railway station was painted in 1936 by Rita Angus; it is "one of New Zealand's best-loved works of art".


Betoota, Queensland; 0 inhabitants

Betoota is a ghost town within the locality of Birdsville, in the Shire of Diamantina, in the Channel Country of Central West Queensland, Australia. The last permanent resident, Sigmund Remienko, died in 2004. Betoota is situated on a gibber plain (a stony desert plain) 170 kilometres (110 mi) east of Birdsville and 227 kilometres (141 mi) west of Windorah. The town has been designated as Australia's smallest. The only facilities in Betoota are a racetrack, a dry weather airstrip and a cricket field. Visitors are drawn to the town during the annual Simpson Desert Carnival which is held in September. The town is now deserted, except for tourists in the dry season.


Hope you enjoyed today's post. Obviously this is not on Monday but I didn't get the post done on time for Monday morning.


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