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Travel Around The World: Part 1

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Good Morning!!

Today's post is all about the positives that come from travelling extensively, not necessarily a round the world trip. There are many positive ``side effects`` of travelling extensively. I realize that there are also negative ``side effects`` but they will be discussed in a different post. I have compiled a list of 9 positives of extensive travel, so let's dive right in.


Learning New Things

Seeing other parts of the world and immersing yourself in foreign cultures opens up completely new avenues of discovery. Travel in itself can be educational, and can open your eyes in ways you never thought possible. Through travel, you can become more aware – both of yourself, and the larger world around you. A traveler has the unique ability to be a citizen of not only his/her own country, but also of the world.


Self Discovery

When you’re out on the road meeting new people and opening up to new experiences, you may find that you are also slowly reinventing yourself. Or perhaps letting the self you’d like to be finally emerge. Travel can be liberating in many ways, but especially when it comes to self-discovery. Being thrown into a foreign culture (or even into a not-so-foreign culture) without all the comforts of home can be challenging, but it’s often those truly tough, personal challenges that will help you grow as an independent individual.



Travel allows you to escape. Whether it’s from a bad relationship (or perhaps no relationship at all), a job you hate, or simply a boring, sedentary life, sometimes you feel like you just need to get away. Travel is the perfect form of escapism – far better than reading a book or watching a movie – because it actually means you get to leave your current situation. You can trade in whatever is making you unhappy for something different, even if it’s just for a little while. A change of scenery is sometimes just what you need to get over boredom or the blues, and being far removed from a problem or stressor often allows you to look at it through new eyes.


Makes You More Interesting

If you travel to some other location, the culture and language are different, adapting to these components compels the brain to handle fresh, unforeseen challenges. It will finally create more neural connections, which makes you respond faster, think through logic, and also operate through difficulty more effectively, which is one of the best benefits of traveling. Eliminating yourself from our everyday life mentally places us at an almost childlike state filled with excitement and wonder. Everything is fresh, and we must figure out things as we proceed. Travel enables you to know yourself. You are out of your comfort zone and have to understand your behavior in various scenarios. Sometimes even extreme ones and you’ll be amazed to find new things which you didn’t know and determine what and how to enhance. Although traveling might seem frightening or hard for some people. but it’s OK, just keep in mind you could select your type of travel.

When travelling you come home with many stories, and while some people will not really care but your family will love to hear different stories of your travels, it can make them feel closer to you and can make them feel more connected.


Amazing Food

Life is too short to eat the identical sort of food each and every day. Food is different everywhere and is always worth trying something new. You’ll be constantly surprised at the flavors the world has to offer.  The way people in other cultures and countries prepare food, and break bread together (not that all cultures even eat bread) will astound you. Therefore, it won’t be wrong if I say, some people travel thousands of miles for a particular dish. Food has that power over people, and it brings out their natural selves.


Expands Your (Real) Social Network

More than seeing new sights and exploring what the world has to offer, I would say the most thrilling experience of travelling is meeting new people. You’ll find all kinds of different characters, make new friends or who knows? Maybe even find love.  Meeting new people isn’t just that. You’re going to come across people who may offer you a helping hand during a time of need or end up lending your aid. One of the most satisfying feelings is meeting the few people that still do good out of their own volition.  For a more uncommon connection, let’s say you’re out travelling and meet a like-minded stranger. You two hit it off and due to an off-handed mention of their line of work or business, you’ve established a relationship with a business acquaintance. You’ve just made a valued business partner!  When you’re meeting new people from around the world, you get a first-hand understanding of just how unique each group of people are in the locations you end up visiting.

You may even meet someone that is travelling in the same direction as you and suddenly you will have a new travel buddy. If your lucky these can make lasting memories/friends.


Health Benefits

It enables your mind to unwind, recharge, and enhance joy, and enhance your mental equilibrium. Facing issues in an unknown environment one of the new people compels you to understand and adapt to a life that is out of your comfort zone. It is not only seeing new areas and traveling the globe; it is curative once you opt for a stroll in nature. If you travel, you enter odd conditions and face various challenges. This enables you to push your limits to take care of things better.

Do we wish to be happy? Yes, however, what exactly are we doing to attain happiness at this time? Why can we keep it? Why not we invert formula? We should adopt what we have today? Be thankful for this, and work on happiness. Why not we believe pleasure as the travel rather than a destination? Is it if you travel and encircle with new people? Caring and sharing for one another that you’re thrilled with? So why postpone happiness? The explanations may be infinite, but existence is not, and traveling just requires you. And, once you proceed, do not only follow manuals but move your own way, follow your instincts make mistakes, and challenge yourself. Additionally, a superb method to be happy would be to escape from where you live to get to a plane and travel someplace. Your route to happiness has begun, and there’s not any turning back now, this is why you should travel.


Create Lifetime Memories

If I had to describe travelling in 1 word, I would say memorable. Every destination you go to, every person you meet and every sight seen creates unforgettable memories. It’s the experiences you go through which allows you to escape your day-to-day life and embrace nature, the cities or the people around you.  The pictures are captures sights to behold. While you travel, you’ll notice 2 types of people: those who enjoy the moments and people who want to immortalized their memories through photos. Being able to take pictures of a scenic place is sometimes the main appeal for wanting to travel, and I have been guilty of this.  Other than pictures and experiences, funny encounters, specific people, good deeds and joyful scenarios all happen and make trips memorable. 

Memories are the 1 sort of wealth that grows more worth as time goes. People who travel have stories to tell since they dwelt. They have seen places they have fulfilled their dreams and life occurred to them. And these memories are better if they are shared with your loved ones and friends. You might even save memories of life by making photo albums or sharing photographs on social networking. The quantity of pleasure we get out of our buys or purchasing luxury items fades over time, while the memories of traveling experience continue to provide happiness hormones for a far longer period. If you travel, you venture out to the world, and you also see new items you receive to an exceptional scenario, new surroundings, new issues, new challenges, new rewards, and fresh alternatives. Together with traveling, you know more about yourself & it is a fantastic approach to brainstorming, and that is the main importance of traveling.


Makes You Love Home Even More

 Travel perpetually offers excitement, new experiences, and the freshness of being in an unfamiliar place: that oh-so-pleasant over-stimulation.  It’s the wonderful distraction from our normally mundane daily living. Travel offers more than escape from our lives, however.  In fact, travel can make us appreciate our homes in ways we might never have thought.  While we’re at home daydreaming of adventures overseas, thinking of all the things we can’t wait to get away from, we’re often forgetting to look right under our noses at the conveniences and beauties of our own home.  Funny enough, never can this become more clear than when we’re away, looking at home from the other side.

Here are eight things you might discover about home the next time you take off on that big trip:

1. That special “local’s knowledge” you never knew you had

2. Your own backyard

3. Your Family

4. Your own language

5. All that stuff you don’t need

6. Your hobbies

7. The day-to-day cycle you love to hate

8. The little conveniences in our lives


What are some positives that you expect from travel? Do you experience any of these "symptoms" after a trip?

Have an awesome day :)


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